VA Scaler

How it works?

6 Simple steps to get started

Step 1:
Schedule a FREE consultation

We will talk about how VA Scaler works, your needs and what type of VA you need for your business. We will answer all the questions that you have.

Step 2:
Meeting with our IT department​

We will talk about the software your company uses. We make sure that the computer programs work properly overseas. If you want your VA to answer phone calls, we will also discuss the phone systems that you use.

Step 3:
Hire Top-Notch Talent

We will start looking for your VA. Our recruiting department takes care of everything. We do the job posting, interview, and filtering. If you want, you can also interview the candidate after we approved them.

Step 4:
Getting your VA Ready to Work

We provide employment contracts, take care of payroll, benefits, administration, withholding tax, and employer compliance with local laws. We provide employees with the most competitive benefits.

Step 5:
Set up your VA's Training

Once hired, you will need to train your Virtual Assistants on the specific tasks, the same way you would train a new employee in the US. We provide the equipment to get them ready to start. You provide the credentials for the software that you use (CRM, Email, Slack, etc.)

Step 6:
Get your Bill

Very simple billing by hour at the end of the moth after the service is rendered. You make your payment to VA Scaler (US company) directly. No international wire transfers.


The team at VAScaler is confident in their virtual assistants and their methods. The team

Frequently Asked Questions

2 weeks. From you giving us the green light to hire to when your VA is ready to start working.

Our VAs usually works 40hrs a week and have 1 hr. lunch. We can accommodate their schedule to your needs. We can handle any time zone.

In VA Scaler, we have a range of agents with different levels of English. From native speakers to people able to conduct conversations and speak on the phone. Based on your requirements, we can get you a VA highly proficient in English (no accent, good pronunciation, and communication skills.)

 If at any given moment you do not wish to continue with your VA, we can work immediately on finding someone who fits better your company and requirements.

No, we don’t have “initial” fees or yearly assessments.

You pay a US company every month. No crazy international wire transfers!

No, VA takes care of that. You only pay for the time the VA works for your company.

No. We take care of the equipment and deploy the software you need. You train your VA how you want and for the tasks your company needs.

We give our VAs 19 days of PTO per year. Our administrative staff takes care of organizing, approving, or denying their PTOs. We also have a dedicated agent that will let you know in advance if your VA will take a PTO.

One of our supervisors will notify you via email if one of your VA is sick or has an emergency. If the VA is out sick for a long time, we’ll deduct those hours from your bill that month.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at (800) 561-0375

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