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Criminal Defense Lawyer Virtual Assistant

There are many office tasks your virtual legal assistant can help you for your criminal defense law firm. 

VA Scalers virtual assistants can help with the following tasks:


Isn’t it straightforward to assign activities requiring extra care, such as calendaring, to certain legal experts? Virtual legal assistants are skilled at managing day-to-day events and schedules so that you, as a lawyer, do not lose control of anything.

Commonly asked questions:

As a virtual assistant, you are likely to glance around at various questions consumers have and jump into the process of resolving them as soon as feasible.

When adding virtual assistants to your team you should consider setting up scheduled team meetings or check in’s. This will help with assigned jobs and expectations of the day or week.

Isn’t guidance and assistance necessary to simplify tasks and clear up any confusion?

Everything, including information, targets, work checks, efficiency checks, meetings, communication, and so on, should be done in a methodical and consistent manner. When a virtual legal assistant is not given accurate and timely information, it will delay the outcome of the task you are asking them to finish.


During the work day it is easy to get in touch with your virtual legal assistant, as they have set office hours. Our virtual legal assistants work from an actual office building and can be reached by email or team calls via the software your firm decides to use. 

Ideally, you will get the most out of a virtual assistant by including morning team meetings with set goals and requirements. These team calls also make the virtual assistant feel more a part of the team and get acquainted with the in-house staff.


Since our virtual assistants work from an office space, it is also important to know that they will be supplied with all necessary office equipment. Aside from saving your criminal defense law firm on start-up costs, VA Scaler also has an IT team monitor all of their servers. They have strong data walls set so there is a strong protection of your important client records and case documents. 

There are many positives that come with adding a virtual legal assistant to your firm. So do not hesitate to get additional help for your criminal defense law firm today, contact VA Scaler. Your virtual legal assistant will not disappoint you or your firm, you will see results and growth within months.

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