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Employment Law Virtual Assistants

Your firm should consider weekly team meetings to touch base and plan out expectations from your virtual legal assistant each week, it may also make them feel more a part of the team. 

Be mindful to speak openly and frequently with your virtual assistant. Discuss how you will communicate and on which platforms. Tell them what reports you expect to receive and how frequently. Make clear what your virtual assistant’s priorities are. For example, do you need a weekly report on your remote legal assistant’s tasks? Are you utilizing a project management application to view their work list?

Your virtual assistant should not assume how you want each activity completed; they should have some guideline to follow. Giving them precise instructions for each task—whether contacting clients or collecting payments from clients—increases the probability that they will complete it effectively.

Consistency is essential while running an organized legal company. Since your virtual assistant is not an in-house employee, they will have limited access to what happens at your legal business on a daily basis. Sticking to consistent schedules, timetables, and deadlines can help your virtual legal assistant succeed and feel apart of the team. For example, if you usually only undertake legal client consultations in the morning, notify your virtual assistant.  If you’ve given your virtual legal assistant a deadline for a legal research task, try to stick to it as much as possible.

Your virtual legal assistant will benefit from the ability to generate standardized work lists and automatically establish task deadlines based on case start dates or past assignments. However, keep in mind the permissions that each software requires. You do not need to worry about setting up software limitations, since VA scaler has that covered. They have an IT department limit your virtual assistant’s rights for security reasons and monitor all of the computers. VA scaler also follows HIPAA rules and regulations.

Virtual legal assistants are also a good alternative for your law firm if you are debating whether to hire another full-time in-house employee. Finally, hiring a virtual legal assistant saves your law company money because it is less expensive than hiring another lawyer or in-house staff, especially since VA scaler handles all on-boarding costs and training. So, do not hesitate to contact VA scaler to get started today.

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