VA Scaler

MRI Medical Center

Does your MRI medical office need additional help and staffing? Then the virtual assistants from VA Scaler might be able to help. Every MRI center needs radiologists but, if you have a lot of patients and are behind on scheduling or contacting doctor offices, a virtual medical assistants can help.

Companies like VA Scaler can help offer you a virtual medical assistant for your office to complete administrative tasks such as scheduling, handling medical records, dealing with insurance companies and answering any questions patients may have. 

The positive thing about choosing VA Scaler for your medical assistant is the amount of time and money you will be saving when taking on a new employee. VA Scaler does not have any hidden fees associated when onboarding or signing up a virtual medical assistant for your office. These also provide their virtual medical assistants with the necessary office equipment to work successfully for your MRI center. 

The office space and computers VA Scaler offers their employees is monitored by their IT department, who is located within the office as well. VA Scaler is dedicated to following HIPAA rules and regulations and take necessary measures to assure your client’s medical documents remain private and secure.  Virtual medical assistants are required to store their phones in a locker at the beginning of their shift as well for extra protection.

If you feel like your MRI center could use a better way of handling things or better and more dedicated employees, give virtual medical assistants a chance and see for yourself. Give your patient’s a chance to have better communication when they call your office to schedule an appointment. Our virtual medical assistants might offer this since they are all bi-lingual. 

This may allow patients to view your office as more trustworthy and feel more secure when visiting your office. Language barriers put a lot of tensions on individuals and can contribute to them not being as honest about their pain or misinterpret an important medical question. 

So, for the organization of your MRI center and your patients, do not hesitate to contact VA Scaler. It will not take long before you see results!

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