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Pediatrics Virtual Assistant

We have virtual pediatric assistants available to assist you in optimizing your pediatric practice. VA Scaler is aware that running a pediatric business is a lot of work, and there may seem to be no time for other activities at times—especially when you’re always taking calls, sending emails to patients, setting up appointments, and more. But don’t worry, our team has everything covered! 

At VA Scaler, every virtual medical assistant has relevant experience in the healthcare sector and has undergone training and testing to ensure they can deliver the knowledge and assistance you need. 

Our virtual pediatric assistants at VA Scaler can undertake practically every administrative duty needed to manage your office and are HIPAA compliant. This implies that you and your team may devote more time to delivering excellent patient care and less time to laborious tasks.

When you hire a virtual pediatric assistant, you can assign them as a scribe. Your virtual pediatric assistant will effortlessly record all accurate diagnosis and symptoms along with medications and follow-up instructions as directed by the doctor. Consider getting a second set of eyes from VA Scaler to help identify errors or discrepancies in medical records and make the necessary corrections to lower the number of errors.

Your virtual pediatric assistant can also help with billing requirements. They will handle getting referrals and pre-authorizations as needed for treatments, making administrative work easier. As a biller, your virtual pediatric assistant will also verify eligibility and benefits for treatments, hospital stays, and operations, as well as answer questions about patient accounts.

Your patients may speak with a real person rather than leaving messages with an answering service. Virtual pediatric receptionists may help you with appointment-related issues like scheduling, confirming, canceling, sending reminders, and pretty much anything else you need assistance with.

Our team collaborates with you to determine the set of abilities needed for your virtual assistant in order to target-source the ideal applicant for your pediatric office. So, don’t wait to call and get started with a virtual medical assistant for your pediatric office today. 

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