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Why consider virtual assistants for your Dental Office

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re escaping your own work? Do you find the never-ending paperwork, administrative duties, and revenue management in the dentistry office industry to be too much to handle? You’re not by yourself. We at VA scaler are aware of your difficulties. We’ve developed a solution to let you concentrate on what you do best, which is treating patients. We take care of everything else. For your peace of mind and more time to devote to your patients, our staff of virtual dental assistants handles everything from insurance eligibility verification and invoicing to overdue hygiene and treatment plan scheduling.

It’s not necessary for you to always flee from your practice. VA scaler can assist you and your dental office. Our staff of virtual dental assistant is always ready to handle your incoming calls since we are experts in revenue cycle management, follow-up on lead creation, and appointment confirmation. You may rely on us to support the expansion of your practice, the streamlining of your workflow, and the enhancement of profitability thanks to our services, which are 100% HIPAA secure and our dedication to cherishing your patient relationships as much as you do.

An additional benefit of using a virtual dental assistant from VA scaler is that they reduce the strain for your companies in house employees, freeing them up to focus on generating revenue through essential procedures and exams. This can result in higher pay and incentives for your employees, which will improve morale and enable them to provide the best possible customer service.

There are many tasks or jobs your virtual dental assistant from VA scaler can help with within your dental office. In terms of improving customer service, your office may benefit from using a dental virtual assistant as a receptionist.

An answering service is used by many firms to handle client inquiries in place of a real receptionist at the front desk. Although this guarantees that patients may, at minimum, report problems, the truth is that a lot of patients tend to hang up as soon as they hear the impersonal, emotionless answering service message.

While this is undoubtedly not in the best interests of the patient or your business, you may maintain patient satisfaction by offering a more interesting means of communication if you hire a virtual dental assistant from VA scaler. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that you may have as many virtual receptionists as you like for your dental office—you’re not restricted to just one. So, do not wait to contact VA Scaler to get started! 

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