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Why Us?

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What Makes Us Better

Other Companies.

• Blocking USB ports.
• Password Protected Access.
• Restricting random downloads.
• Restricting access to some websites.
• Fast and reliable internet connection.

• 24/7 surveillance
• Restricted access to the building
• Fingerprint must be used to enter.
• Security Cameras.
• Located in the best areas of the city.

Law firms and Medical offices are tempting targets for cyberattacks.

VA Scaler uses ActivTrak™ to get instant visibility into employee productivity and engagement.

 ActivTrak™ uses a multi-layered approach to secure the private information our customers entrust to us. It helps get the workforce insights you need to make decisions with confidence:

  • Ensure team productivity and engagement. 
  • Improve resource usage and identify training needs. 
  • See how time is spent across people, processes, and technology. 
  • Data is aggregated and categorized in numerous ways: productive vs. unproductive activity, focus time vs. multitasking, email vs. meeting software vs. social media, etc. 

Our mission is to ensure your success with workforce data so your organization can achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

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