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Hire remote bilingual employees without any hassle.

All the performance. A fraction of the cost.

We are right on track to become the most recognized bilingual staffing firm among physicians and lawyers in the United Stated by employing 1,000 people by 2026.

Our Clients

What our Virtual Assistants
can help with:


Email management, calendar or schedule management, return calls and voicemails, meeting confirmation and more!


Data analysis, project management assistance, industry research


Expense reports, billing disputes, some bookkeeping


Write content for various social media platforms, monitor online company reviews, create landing pages for company website!

We help U.S.
Doctors & Lawyers

Hire bilingual, hard-working, and motivated staff to increase productivity by expanding their workforce.

Why Choose our Virtual Assistants?

Cost Efficient
Easy hiring process
Full Time
No Additional Fees

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By clicking here, you can see our reviews. See what medical facilities and law firms have said about our virtual assistants.

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VAScaler is confident in their mission and is willing to give you the chance to try us out. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Put us up to the test.


Our virtual assistants can make a big change in the way that your company runs, and we stand firm that you will see results. Why wait to take the next step that is committed to success.


Stats of how hiring a legal assistant can benefit your company.

Did you know that your company might already be losing time and money without virtual assistants? A 2023 study posted by ZipDo found some of the following office stats pertaining to cell phone usage during a workday.

Some of the findings included:

When deciding to hire VAScaler, you will see the benefit of our office cell phone policy. Our virtual assistants will not spend hours working on the same task or project. Our virtual assistants will provide results that can be seen by the management.

We believe in cultivating great working environment and promoting our culture of family.

Leave Everything to Us.

Get Started with Your Virtual Assistant Today.

Cost Efficient

Our Virtual Assistants at VA scaler are highly skilled, bilingual professionals who handle a wide range of tasks. Deciding to hire a virtual assistant for your law firm, you will benefit by paying a fraction of the cost. At VA scaler we understand that the training period can be a tedious and time-consuming process, so we make sure that our virtual assistants are trained for your business. There is no staffing or training cost required when you hire a virtual legal assistant from VA scaler.

VA scaler provides all of the necessary technical equipment for our virtual legal assistants, which is another cost-efficient benefit of signing up with us. Since our team is required to work from our secure office location, our virtual assistants are always easily accessible, just like any in-house employee. Our virtual assistants delegate their tasks to make sure they meet deadlines and complete required tasks. They have a strong attention to detail and are hardworking like any in-house assistant.

Why should you be paying high salaries to employees who are not as committed or dedicated to their job? Why hire someone who will not benefit your company or help contribute to the company's success?

The virtual assistants at VA scaler are bilingual, which offers your company various benefits of signing up with us. Having a bilingual virtual assistant allows for a broader sense of clients they can communicate with. Effective communication is essential when working in an area of a diverse population.

Your bilingual virtual legal assistant will be able to better explain or clarify certain legal matters to your clients. This can help the overall client-attorney relationship, a client might now feel they were catered to and understood. This in turn could increase the chance they use your law firm again in the future for another case. Having more bilingual employees is a competitive benefit when being compared to other law firms or medical offices.

Having an easily accessible bilingual virtual assistant will make the translation of certain legal documents and paperwork a quick and easy task. It will also be a safer option when it comes to managing legal or medical documents.

This could be extremely useful when it comes to something that is time sensitive, such as receiving medical treatment following a legal matter or medical facility procedure. Having an employee who can ease the emotions and communicate clearly in these situations is ideal.


Easy Hiring Process

VA scaler handles the entire hiring process making it simple to be connected with a virtual legal assistant. The easy hiring process will help you fill a position faster than trying to put out advertisements for company positions. Sometimes it takes a few interviews until you find the right individual to hire. The hiring process is not easy and requires a lot of effort and time commitment which all take away from your company.

Another benefit that comes with the easy hiring process is limiting excess training or on- boarding fee. You will not need your HR department to dedicate time to this. You will be able to better delegate their employees to other tasks instead of hosting interviews. In turn, this will lead to better productivity in the workplace. Letting VA scaler match you with a virtual assistant for your law firm will allow for a quicker and easier process. This saves you so much time, money and stressful decisions, so do not hesitate to contact VA scaler to get started today.

The Virtual Assistant VA scaler have a set schedule that they will be available to contact during office hours.

When it comes to hiring someone for your law firm, you need to consider all of the holidays, the one benefit is that our virtual legal assistants have a different holiday schedule. The holiday season can be stressful, especially when many employees request time off and leave you worrying about having enough people working.

Since they work from our office in Columbia, they will be able to work on important days where your office might be understaffed. Since they do not work in your office, this might make delegating tasks between your virtual assistants and other employees easier. Another benefit of the virtual assistants working from the VA scaler office is their rules pertaining to phones. VA scaler requires their employees to store their phones in lockers during their shift to ensure they are focused.

If you are looking for employees who will achieve more during their work week, then look no further as a virtual legal assistant from VAScaler could be the best solution.

Full Time

No Additional Fees

When it comes to hiring anyone for your company, there typically are additional fees and training requirements. If you decide to let VA scaler connect you with a virtual assistant, you will not need to pay for additional fees such as technical equipment, additional office supplies, onboarding fee and also VA scaler has all of the necessary equipment for their virtual assistants in house. Another benefit when it comes to them providing the office equipment is also their IT department. The IT department has a software that has the ability to lock out an employee of their computer at any given time. This is crucial when dealing with important medical and legal documents.

HIPAA Regulations are crucial for businesses in this field, which is why VA scaler makes sure they can guarantee the safety and confidentiality of these documents when using a virtual assistant.

VA scaler makes it easy for management Since they handle all of the HR tasks such as the recruitment process, background checks, payroll, appropriate dress attire and salary requirements. This allows management to spend more time focused on other tasks or other employees. The HR team will not need to worry about the onboarding process, the VA scaler team will handle that as a part of their hiring process as well.

With VA scaler your HR team will not need to write a job description for the position being offered and they will not need to manage and schedule times for an interview. The HR department might need to conduct endless interviews until they find a possible successful candidate. This process could take a few months to a year, which during that period it will take away from their current job duties.

VA scaler will make the hiring process much more efficient for your management staff. The director of the position will not need to schedule times out of their schedule to also meet with interviewees and tell them about the company.


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